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Kitty's Litter Box

Created by 7th generation Vermonter Diane Garrett, the concept of Kitty’s Litter Box was born out of necessity. After Diane and her husband entered retirement and began spending winters in Florida and summers back in Vermont, the snowbird life proved challenging when trying to transport their furry friends. “This was my remedy,” says Diane. 

The couple often travelled in a camper and stayed in hotel rooms and struggled with ways to get their kitties to keep things in the box at potty time. “With our camper, having a litterbox was a chore,” says Diane.

But with other disposable litter boxes, kitty tends to splash over the side or kick litter out of the box and onto the floor or car. With Kitty’s Litter Box, you won’t have to worry about that

Kitty's Litter Box Disposable Cat Litter box


With a patented funnel design and high quality materials, Kitty’s Litter Box stops kitty from making amess since they have to back into the box. High sides also stop splashing. Quality materials also prevent any seepage through the bottom of the box. Kitty’s Litter Box is as effective at home as it is on the road and makes it easier to adopt pets since you don’t have to clean a litter box. The best part is, when your done, just throw it out!

“That was my big thing. I don’t ever want to have to wash a litterbox,” says Diane.  

Portable. Disposable. Clean.

Kitty’s Litter Box has a patented design specifically constructed to allow cat owners to do away with cleaning up messy litterboxes. With quick and easy setup, Kitty’s Litterbox is ready for use in minutes and can be thrown out in the trash when you and kitty are ready to do so. It’s as simple as that. No more cleaning smelly litterboxes and more time spent enjoying kitty! 


Take Kitty On The Road

Long road trips with kitty can be challenging – especially when it’s time for kitty to take care of business. Kitty’s litterbox can be set up in your car, camper or hotel room. With specially designed sides and funnel shape to encourage kitty to back in the box, there is no spilling of litter or accidental splashing outside the box! 

This cat litter system is wonderful. It is easy to police the box daily and then you just throw away the whole box. There is no scrubbing of the cat pan. I have two cats and I like to travel. This is neat to have in my vehicle and easy to use in the car. There is not a lot of dust because of the design and the litter smells good too. I recommend this product as it is efficient and cost effective. I am so glad I found this wonderful product. Thank you.
Nancy E. Dike
Kitty's Litter Box User
Tried this at home before taking on an extended trip with 2 large cats. Wanted something that would hold up, was collapsible/transportable [i.e. convenient] and that could be thrown out after trip. It passed with flying colors. After initial examination, the cats used it. They continued to use it. They didn't pee outside the box. The paperboard is heavy and glossy so it doesn't get soggy and keeps its shape through several days. The sides provide enough of a shield to prevent most litter scatter. [These boys aren't diggers, fortunately.] It is compact enough to use in an RV or a motel room or even the floor of your car. It folds up with litter in it. This will be the go to litter box for travel with the cats. Other disposables are plain cardboard that leak all over or get soggy after one use. The heavier pan ones may not leak as quickly but don't have sides so you have litter scatter and you can't carry them. This one is like carrying a briefcase. Highly recommend.
Carol Thomas
Kitty's Litter Box User

We are currently working very hard to get Kitty’s Litter Box into stores. Check back in soon for more information on where to buy Kitty’s Litter Box at pet stores and outlets everywhere!